Automotive Restoration and Maintenance

Car Charging Maintenance 

car charging point maintenance is essential for all types of electrical-based cars. However, they can also be installed for restored and vintage cars. Electric car charging stations are popping up all over the UK, North America and world. These stations essentially supply electrical energy for the recharging of electrical vehicles. Most electric vehicles have convenient on-board converters, which plug into standard or high-capacity appliance outlets. However, unless the electrical charger is mobile and portable, you will have to visit a charging station for electrical conversion.

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Are electrical stations important to maintenance?

Absolutely. Electrical stations are perfect for electrical cars while travelling on trips. Similarly, they offer faster charging at higher voltages, which far surpass home or office-based electrical chargers. There are even public charging stations that are provided by local electricity utility companies. These are mainly situated at shopping malls and centers across the UK. With over 18,000 charging stations in the US and more popping up in the UK each day, it is important to keep your cars fully charged for optimal maintenance, safety and functionality.

Here are the top electrical charging systems used across the world:

- Combined Charging System

- Chademo

- Tesla Supercharger

It is easy to install car charging points?

Installing car charging points requires an experienced and seasoned hand. In fact, you can easily take your vehicle into a service center for these installations. With years of extensive electric automotive experience, local installers can install these charging points at cost-affordable rates. However, you should know that there are 3 electrical charger levels that are available for installation. You will need to choose which type of car charging point you need to meet your daily commuting needs. Here are the three electrical charger levels available:

Level 1 Electrical Vehicle Charger

Level 1 electrical chargers usually come with electrical vehicles. This means they do not require special installations. You simply need to plug your Level 1 charger into the standard 120v wall outlet and your are set. This level charger saves you money on getting charging points installed by a licensed professional.

Level 2 Electrical Vehicle Charger

The Level 2 electrical charger utilizes 240v of electricity. This gives vehicles faster charting times, but cars will need special charging point installations. This is due to standard wall outlets only offering 120v. Professional installation can range between $200 and $1,200. This depends on the company and/or electrician you go with.

Level 3 Electrical Vehicle Charger

The Level 3 electrical vehicle charger needs special equipment for optimal performance. With this in mind, DC-based fast chargers are not available for home installs. Level 3 chargers offer compatible cars with 80 percent charge in 30 minutes or less. These units are ideal for roadside charging stations, and costs for these chargers are expensive -- but vary as well.